Broadcast 174 (Special Edition)

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Robert Zimmerman, an award winning science writer and noted space historian, was the guest on this Space Show program. Mr. Zimmerman started our discussion with the importance of history from Apollo 8 and as recounted in his excellent book, Genesis. We also spoke about the differences in risk taking, adventure, and the importance of freedom from the days of Apollo 8 and our trips to the Moon to our present time. He showed how this change in freedom and the switch in rolls between Russia and the U.S. regarding freedom for the astronauts and more has significantly contributed to the stagnation of the American space program. We also talked about the value of space stations being used, without much trouble, as space ships that could take us to Mars and other places. Limiting them to a space station is somewhat like squandering resources, but it has to do with NASA control and the discussion we had regarding freedom. This discussion is highlighted in his most recent boo, Leaving Earth, which we also discussed in detail. Mr. Zimmerman spoke about much more, including visionary leadership for our space program and the possibility of President Bush announcing a bold plan to return to the Moon later this month. We also talked about the UN Outer Space Treaty, the entrepreneurial space businesses, the X-Prize and what NASA should really be doing for developing alternatives to the Shuttle for space access. Robert Zimmerman has among the finest historical sense of our space program and how to build on that history to become space-faring as anyone I have ever met or talked with about these issues. His brilliance and creativity come through very strongly on this program. I urge everyone to listen to what Mr. Zimmerman has to say as understanding our history can only facilitate our development of space commerce, tourism, a return to the Moon and on to Mars. I look forward to having Mr. Zimmerman back on the Space Show as a frequent guest.



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02 Dec 2003 Robert Zimmerman
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