Broadcast 109 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

02 Apr 2003 Loretta Hidalgo, George T. Whitesides
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Loretta Hidalgo and George Whitesides are the co- founders of Yuri's Night. Not only does this show focus on the Yuri's Night celebration and its importance, we also explore space advocacy, various space development programs and policies, and possible solutions to moving space commerce and the public's interest in space forward. Loretta and George disclose and detail their respective visions for a space-faring world. Loretta and George are experts in non-traditional space outreach and education. They hosted rock star Moby at Johnson Space Center, where 400 young employees came to hear what Loretta and George had to say and even had Space Generation Booths in 8 cities of his Area 2 tour with David Bowie. They hosted 180 young people from around the world at the World Space Congress in October. They gave their opinions and delivered papers in 13 tracks of the IAF conference.



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