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Guest:  Dr. David Livingston hosting Open Lines; Topics:  Marshall & Ft. Worth John called to review "Space Is Open For Business" & talk about online physics classes & Senate hearings on new UFO classified material, plus Space Show matters.

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We started this special Tuesday evening Open Lines program by talking about why I was doing Open Lines on Tuesday evening rather than as usual on Sunday.  As you will hear per my comments at the end of the program, I will be reserving Open Lines for Sunday short of an urgent type topic in the future.  I also suggested various discussion topics for tonight's show just as we started the first segment.

Marshall was first to call with his own review of the book "Space Is Open For Business."  He gave the book a 9 out of 10 very high rating but did suggest the book include specific additional information.  Most of what Marshall suggested and missed dealt with historic launch costs compared to those today since Robert (the author) was making the case that launch costs were coming down.  Marshall said he wanted to see the numbers to support that narrative.  Marshall did reference various historic rocket and system costs but he felt the information should have been in the book and included by the author.  One of the questions I asked Marshall dealt with how a general audience person my react to the book.  Marshall had some very interesting ideas and comments in response to my question so don't miss them. 

After Marshall's call, I mentioned the strange MUFON email I got showing the global number of sightings in August listed by country.  The US had by far more than all other countries combined.  I forwarded the email to Ft. Worth John knowing his interest in the subject. No sooner than when I finished saying his name. he called the program.  The primary reason for John's call was to talk about a qualitative online physics lectures he completed at home online by the Cal Tec professor, Dr. Sean Carroll.  Here is the link to Dr. Carroll's website:  In addition, John mentioned the very quantitative and advanced online physics lectures by Stanford profess Dr. Leonard Susskind. I believe also posted links to his work on the blog.   In talking about these online courses and lectures, he mentioned a theme suggesting that "physics might be running out of gas."  Let John know what you think of this idea by posting on our blog.  After talking about online physics lectures, John commented on the Mufon email I mentioned earlier, then the effort being put out by the Senate to hold hearings on obtaining classified documents on the UFO subject. He also talked about the Unidentified History Channel TV show which attempts to get to the bottom of the Tic Tac incidents.

Before signing off for the night, I commented that doing Open Lines on Tuesday evening was clearly not as good as doing it on Sunday.  Furthermore, I discussed The Space Show upcoming schedule which now extends out to the end of the year.  I mentioned some of the key people returning to the show including Dr. John Brandenberg, Tory Bruno of ULA among others. 

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01 Sep 2020 Dr. David Livingston
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