Broadcast 549 (Special Edition)

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Dr. Harrison Schmitt was the guest for this program to discuss his new boo, "Return To The Moon," and Lunar He3 and fusion for our future energy usage. Dr. Schmitt spent two hours with us outlining the importance of going back to the Moon for commercial purposes and the exploitation of lunar resources, specifically He3 combined with fusion here on Earth. To carry out this program, we need fusion so a good portion of the show was spent discussing fusion, the different types, the status and progress of each time. Specifically regarding the Moon, we discussed the need for heavy lift access and everything from creating a new Saturn V type vehicle dubbed the Saturn VI to using a heavy lift vehicle derived from shuttle parts per the current NASA plan. We discussed financing, capital acquisition and above all, project management. Dr. Schmitt received many questions about the viability of his proposal, you will want to hear them all and his responses. We also talked about the NASA of today and is it up to the job. Dr. Schmitt spoke at length about NASA under the direction of Dr. Griffin and his support for the way in which Dr. Griffin is running NASA. We spoke about science program funding and cutbacks and how to prioritize science programming in today's age. He also outlined some alternative plans to ease some of the cutbacks. He also spoke about his position as Chief of the NASA Advisory Council and recent press articles about controversy inside the organization. He explained the role of the organization and the responsibilities of its members to support the program and team they are serving. We spoke at length about connecting the dots to properly sell the return to the Moon program to the American people and why, even with his having the ear of our political and administrative leaders, this is not done. You will want to hear his answer. If you have further questions and comments for Dr. Harrison Schmitt, please send them to me at and I will forward them to him. I urge you to buy his book and read it. Its most valuable and important.



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01 Sep 2006 Dr. Harrison H. Schmitt
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