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Guest:  Michelle Hanlon; Topics:  For All Moonkind, preserving and protecting space and cultural artifacts, Apollo lunar sites, lunar site protection in general and more. 


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We welcomed Michelle Hanlon of For All Moonkind back to the show to discuss the latest on protecting historical Apollo and other lunar sites.  During the first segment of this two segment 87 minute program, we introduced new listeners to For All Moonkind, we talked about pending bipartisan legislation now in the house with House bill 3766 which has already been approved by the senate, plus we talked planetary protection, NASA site protection guidelines and more.  Michelle identified a few of the sites needing protection but there are many more.  Let us know what you think by posting your thoughts on our blog. 

Other first segment topics included the Outer Space Treaty, the new paper we found out about by Dr. Lopez regarding planetary protection and sending Earthly molecules throughout space and Mars.  Note that Dr. Lopez will be The Space Show guest Oct. 21.  In terms of protecting these and other important sites, the subject of enforcement and consequences came up.  Don't miss this discussion as it involves complex and challenging issues. 

We had a few listener emails asking about extending the protection to Mars.  Note what our guest said about Mars, site and hardware protection, logistics, plus even more challenges with Martian enforcement.  Other listener emails came in including one asking if the tardigrades now on the Moon should be site protected.   

Dr. Doug both emailed the program and called us twice.  In his email, he inquired about first astronauts from other countries or organizations setting foot on the Moon and wanting their first footstep protected as we want to protect the Apollo 11 boot prints on the Moon. Don't miss how Michelle responded to Doug.  Michelle then stressed that the first time humans set foot on the Moon with Apollo 11, well, it was a seminal event for human history.  The implication being special treatment and consideration was warranted to protect these historic boot prints. 

More was said about the pending House legislation for their Bill 3766.  Michelle explained where the legislation was, how the Senate passed it and what both the timeline and future for the legislation looked like.  Once again she stressed that it was bipartisan.   Listner Randy sent in a question asking about space property rights and if such rights were in opposition to site protection on the Moon.   Our guest said that they were not in opposition with each other and that property rights supported the claim for historical site protection.  Don't miss this special space property rights discussion.   

Near the end of the first segment, Doug called to ask how we use the lunar historical sites, get close to them to see them, but all without disturbing the sites.  Don't miss the discussion that Doug and Michelle had on this topic.  Doug suggested some creative ideas though probably far off into the future if they happen at all.  Part of this discussion was the currently hot issue of the necessity to have launch/landing pads on the Moon.  Dr. Metzger is working on this project too.  Don't miss what was said as to why launch pads on the Moon are essential and actually required by treaty law.

For the second segment, many additional topics came up.  One topic highlighted by our guest was the need to not curtail or hinder entrepreneurs going to the Moon.  Don't miss what Michelle said about this.  We also talked about what to do with rogue nations not protecting the historical sites.  I told too personal stories, one about my early scuba diving days in Truk Lagoon, another by climbing vortexes in Sedona.  I talked about what it was like when wide open and unrestricted visitor behavior negatively impacted the sites, then what happened based on the implementation of regulations and enforcement to protect the sites.  Before the program ended, Michelle addressed space settlement and what it would take to have sustainable settlements in space.

Our guest offered summary and closing comments.  Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog.  You can reach our guest though me or her website,




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01 Oct 2019 Michelle Hanlon
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