Broadcast 602 (Special Edition)

01 Oct 2006 Don Scott
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Don Scott was the guest for this Sunday Space Show program. As a former NASA education specialists, Don was able to provide us with first hand field information about space education in schools and with kids and teachers of all ages. His stories and experiences are very valuable and can help us all in our education outreach programs for developing space and properly funding our public space program. In his work, he did many interesting things such as visit schools in Montana with a demo International Space Station (ISS). He also was successful in promoting that the astronauts on the ISS take pictures of historical and geographical landmarks on Earth so pictures were take of the Lewis and Clark trail. These pictures are archived on the ISS photo site but easily available on the web with a simple Google search for them. Mr. Scott linked the park ranger service and programs to the space program. You will not want to miss this part of our discussion. Don offer some bold ideas about education and leadership during the interview and he shared real concerns with us about the path we are on with education, with politics and with space unless we do things differently. He offers solutions, not just critiques. Don Scott will certainly be a returning guest to The Space Show in the coming months. If you have questions or comments for him or want to agree or disagree with his educational views and recommendations, by all means contact him at As always, you can also send your comments and questions to me at and I will promptly forward them to Don.



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