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The Space Foundation Conference

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Guests:  Dr. David Livingston plus Open Lines callers with email listeners; Topics:  DeLorean documentary film update, Starship, SLS issues, Mars law separate from Earth law and much more.

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Welcome to our Open Lines two segment 1 hour 55 minute wide ranging discussion on multiple topics.  We started the program with a call from Jordan Livingston wanting to update us on his DeLorean documentary film which has now been released on Amazon Prime and Vimeo.  Jordan talked about the film and his Kickstarter venture back in August 2019 so he wanted to let us know the film had been completed and was now available to be seen.  He talked about the film, the focus of the documentary, about aspects of the DeLorean car based on listener emails and a phone call, plus he offered promo codes for listeners to see the film free of charge. As I am writing this, I believe there are 7 remaining promotional codes available.  The code words for getting a code are someplace near the end of this archived program so if you want to see it free of charge, listen carefully for the secret words and drop me a note.  If you act fast, you can be one of the seven fortunate listeners getting a promo code.  Note that Jordan provided instructions for seeing the documentary, both from Amazon Prime and with the promo code on Vimeo so don't over look the instructions if you plan on seeing the film.

After discussing the "DeLorean - Living The Dream" documentary film with a caller and a few emails for Jordan,  Ft. Worth John called to initiate our space discussion by talking about SpaceX and the upcoming test flight for SN8 which he said will go to the stratosphere.  He also talked about SLS, using Starship as a Moon rocket and more.  I asked John that based on Starship plans and testing so far did he still strongly support SLS which he has done over the years.  Listen to his answer as it may surprise you.  I also asked if he had gone down to Boca Chica to see the SpaceX facility but he said no.  Before ending his call, I asked him if there were any news updates on the Tic Tac story. 

Bill was out next caller. He talked about SLS but also said he had seen Jordan's DeLorean movie the night before on Amazon Prime.  Don't miss what he said about the film.  Bill talked safety issues for SLS, testing integration concerns and a Washington Post article on these SLS subjects which he posted for us on our blog for this program. In addition, I asked Bill for his thoughts on the impact of the election on space policy and our returning to the Moon.  Don't miss his short, sweet, and to the point analysis regarding these matters.

We started the second segment of the program with a call from Dr. Doug who wanted to discuss setting up a Martian law and legal system for Martian settlers saying they would be independent of Earth.  While there are many news articles on this subject from the past week or two, here is one stating that SpaceX won't follow international law on Mars:  Doug discussed this issue in some detail for most of the second segment. At one point, Fremont John called on the other line and entered the discussion with Doug.  Ft. Worth John and others sent in emails. There were comments about how the OST likely covered Mars but others did not think that was the case.  Doug said he favored public private partnerships but when asked about government money being spent on Mars and the impact of that fact on Mars laws and independence from Earth laws the situation got murky.  Doug then brought up the language spoken by the settlers and suggested that Mars would divide up into colonies or settlements based on common language.  Myself and other listeners brought up that fact that were this to happen, Mars would develop as a mini-Earth with nation states which would seem to be a contradiction to The Overview Effect and others seeing space development and settlement as a path to saving humanity with no borders, no fences and such.  After listening to this lengthy second segment discussion, let us know what you think by posting on our blog.  I told Doug that if he could put together an interesting discussion for a full Space Show program, I would do such a program with him.  Finally, as our space law legal expert Michael Listner was schedule for Sunday, Nov. 8th, I promised to bring this subject up with him.

Our final call was with Fremont John to go over Airbus concerns, ISRU and O2, hybrid lunar hab structures inside a lava tube, and the Tipping Point award with ETA Space in Florida with an upcoming cargo propellant test flight.  See details here:

Please post your comments/questions on our blog for this show.  Let me know if you would like to get in touch with any of our callers. If you watch "DeLorean-Living The Dream," post your comments on the film on our blog.




Your turn to talk about the topics you want to discuss. 1st time callers welcome. Make it relate to science, engineering, and space.

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01 Nov 2020 Dr. David Livingston
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