Broadcast 164 (Special Edition)

01 Nov 2003 Dr. Bernard H. Foing
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Dr. Bernard Foing, the Chief Scientist for the European Space Agency (ESA) Research and Scientific Support Department, was the Space Show guest for this program. Dr. Foing described in detail the his work at ESA, including the SMART-1 Mission, Mars missions, lunar research, Mars and other planetology and astrobiology. We discussed European attitudes with space exploration and development, commercial space development including lunar settlements and commerce, and the Chinese space program. We also talked about the militarization of space and the ESA as well as European positions on such topics. Dr. Foing was the Space Show's first guest from the ESA and he has agreed to return as a guest to report to us on the results from the SMART-1 and the ESA current Mars mission and probe



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