Broadcast 489 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

01 May 2006 Dr. Ken Cox, Dr. Bob Krone, Langdon Morris
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Dr. Bob Krone, Dr. Ken Cox and Langdon Morris were the special guests for this program to discuss their newly published book, "Beyond Earth: The Future of Humans In Space." Each guest provided listeners with information on not only their chapters in the book but the chapters of authors as well, plus we talked about the importance of space, making sure people know about space, its meaning and purpose, space commerce and much much more. The book has 36 chapters and over 40 contributing authors. The Table of Contents for "Beyond Earth" is as follows: CONTENTS DEDICATION FOREWORD By Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Lunar Module Pilot PREFACE By Bob Krone, Langdon Morris & Ken Cox, Editors ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS * Part I. BEGINNINGS 1. The Aerospace Technology Working Group By Kenneth J. Cox 2. The Meaning of Space By Langdon Morris 3. Views of Global Leadership - Government, Business, Academia, and Faith By Martin Schwab * Part II. HUMAN FACTORS IN SPACE 4. The Overview Effect and the Future of Humans In Space. By Frank White 5. Governance for a Human Future in Space By Yehezkel Dror 6. Space Law for the Twenty-First Century By George S. Robinson 7. Creating the First City on the Moon By Thomas Rogers 8. Stage Three Leadership: From Good Ideas to Unified Action By Charles E. Smith 9. Tennis Time and the Mental Clock By Howard Bloom 10. Cooperative Worldwide Space Collaboration: Epiphany and Turning Point, or Else By Michael Hannon 11. Evolutionary Psychology and Its Implications for Humans in Space By Sherry E. Bell and Dawn L. Strongin 12. Space as a Popular National Goal By David Livingston 13. Harnessing Bacterial Intelligence : A Pre-Requisite for Human Habitation of Space By Eshel Ben-Jacob 14. Biotech: A Near Future Revolution from Space By Lynn Harper 15. Space Exploration and a New Paradigm for Education and Human Capital Development By Michael J. Wiskerchen 16. Music and Arts for Humans in Space By Bob Krone 17. A Code of Ethics for Humans in Space By K.T. Connor, Lawrence Downing & Bob Krone 18. Children's Visions of Our Future in Space By Lonnie Jones Schorer 19. Sowing Inspiration for Generations of "Space Adventurers" By Becky Cross 20. The Meaning of the Heavens to Humankind through History and Its Implications for The Future By Cheryl and Raymond Garbos 21. Space, Ideology and the Soul: A Personal Journey By Paul J. Werbos 22. Space and Humanity's Evolution By John Stewart * PART III. SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, AND MANAGEMENT FOR SPACE 23. Strategic Thinking for Space Settlements By Paul J. Werbos 24. The Intelligence Nexus in Space Exploration: Interfaces Among Terrestrial, Artifactual and Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence By Joel Isaacson 25. Efficient, Affordable Explorations Operations: Crew Centered Control via Operation Infrastructure By Thomas E. Diegelman, Richard E. Eckelkamp, and David J. Korsmeyer 26. The Changing Role of Spaceports By Derek Webber 27. Planetary and Solar Resource Management, Biospherical Security and the New Space Adventure By Elliott and Sharon Maynard 28. The Earth Observatory By Langdon Morris 29. Lunar Commercial Development for Space Exploration By Thomas L. Matula and Karen A. Loveland 30. Managing Risks on the Space Frontier: The Paradox of Safety, Reliability and Risk Taking By Feng Hsu and Romney Duffey 31. A Magnificent Challenge By Richard E. Eckelkamp 32. Planning the Oasis in Space By Richard Kirby and Ed Kiker * PART IV. STRATEGY & SYNTHESIS 33. The Genes of Space By Hylan B. Lyon, Jr., Becky Cross & Bruce Pittman 34. Alternative Strategic Approaches to Space By Martin Schwab 35. The Past is Not Sufficient as a Prolog By Hylan B. Lyon, Jr. 36. Theory and Action for the Future of Humans in Space; By Kenneth J. Cox, Bob Krone, & Langdon Morris, Editors GLOSSARY OF KEY WORDS, PHRASES AND CONCEPTS - See APPENDIX "A" "Research Agenda for the Future of Humans in Space" APPENDIX "B" "ATWG Meetings, 1990 - 2005" BIBLIOGRAPHY - See each chapter and INDEX Many interesting topics were discussed, several interesting email questions came in from listeners and we finally found out why Space Show listeners do not like to use the toll free line, all thanks to Nelson! You can reach any of the editors/authors of this book by sending your message or comments to me at and I will forward the email your instructions.



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