Broadcast 1319 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

01 Mar 2010 Howard Bloom
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Guest: Howard Bloom. Topics: NASA space policy, visionary leadership. Our guest for this two hou program was Howard Bloom who returned to discuss space vision and the Administration space policy proposals. In our first segment, we learned that his new book, "The Genius Of The Beast: A Radical Revision of Capitalism" is already in its second printing after just nine weeks! This book is available at the OFLF Amazon book partners page and if you buy it through this link, Amazon will contribute to OGLF/The Space Show. Use Howard then pointed us to his editorial, "The Biology of Obama's Vision Crisis: The Case for Looking Up" on Reality Sandwich at Howard discussed vision, its importance to space and to our nation, and he commented on the lack of vision we all face today. In this segment we talked about the GAP and dependence upon Russia for human spaceflight for several years. Howard brought up the need for space infrastructure, he referenced India in this discussion, SSP, and China Howard brought up DEMO 2008 and the presentations made about new business opportunities. He said all assumed a technology in place which is not in place and pointed this out as opportunity for new commercial space ventures. Don't miss what he said about DEMO and commercial opportunities. Next in the discussion was Howard's assessment that NASA Administrator Charles Bolden blew it with the Feb. 1 announcement in that he did not talk with his PR team and do it correctly. Howard had much to say about thi throughout the program. The issue of the US maintaining its leadership and standard of living came up and a listener challenged the idea that the US would always be on top. Howard suggested that it might be possible for the US to turn south on these issues but that others such as India and China would continue the climb up so humanity as a whole would likely keep experiencing the upward momentum, possibly under new leadership. See what you think of this discussion. Howard was asked what he would do were he the head of the space program. He said he would have us go to a comet as the ultimate fuel depot in space and to develop resources to demonstrate the huge wealth potential for space development. He also said he would do massive PR to show NASA creates wealth. Drawing upon an example from his current book, "The Genius Of The Beast," he used Venice as an example of a great center going down due to policy and the lack of vision and said we cannot let this happen to the U.S. As we started our second segment, Joe in Houston asked about space biological research on the ISS re mice and centrifuges for bone loss studies. He also inquired about the use of Russian technology. Listen to what Howard said in response to these questions as the issue of artificial gravity was part of the response. Later in this segment, I asked Howard a series of questions to determine if a private company could do the PR he was talking about and over what time period it would take to accomplish the goals of turning around our perceptions on space. Don't miss this discussion. Near the end of this segment, we discussed the Iranian space program and its recent launches of animals. Howard said this was really a way of saying Iran had a payload capability and will soon have an ICBM for coverage of all the Middle east and beyond. We concluded the program with Howard talking about joining his group, the Space Development Steering Committee. Howard can be reached through his Facebook account by searching for him or use HowBloom. You can find him on Twitter by using HowardXBloom. Questions and comments can go through his social networking account or through me at



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