Broadcast 1112 (Special Edition)

01 Mar 2009 Dr. Jordin Kare
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Guest: Dr. Jordin Kare. Topics: Laser launch, power beaming, space elevator, laser weapons, Mockingbird. Dr. Kare returned to The Space Show for updates with laser launch systems and more. We learned about the beam module approach and his work to win the NASA Climber Challenge through his company LaserMotive ( We also discussed heat exchanger propulsion and the use of different materials for the exchanger such as Silicon Carbide. As a result of listener questions, we discussed the laser for use with the space elevator and Dr. Kare clarified the use of laser launch as he was describing it on the show and for powering the climbers for the space elevator. Listeners asked if garage-like tinkering and inventing could build the laser launch system he was discussing given he said that most of the components are now available off the shelf. You will want to listen to what he said about this idea. There was much discussion about lasers as weapons and for space solar satellites for beaming energy. One listener even suggested that Jordin was describing a new use for the airborne laser weapons system. Don't miss Jordin's response to this comment/question. Mockingbird, the miniature reusable launch vehicle and Brilliant Pebbles were brought up and Dr. Kare described the programs. We talked about energy options to space solar power and how to use lasers for beaming the power back to Earth. He also said such laser satellite would not be weapons. One additional topic discussed included using laser launch to send radioactive material to deep space for disposal. For those interested in the power beaming, check the LaserMotive website and also the Spaceward site for the contest information, Another site we discussed that Dr. Kare is associated with is Intellectual Ventures ( If you have a comment or question for Dr. Jordin Kare, please send it to me at and I will promptly forward it to him.



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