Broadcast 679 (Special Edition)

01 Mar 2007 Sonny Morea, Konrad Dannenberg, Ed Buckbee
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Ed Buckbee, Konrad Dannenberg and Sonny Morea were the special guests for this program. What can one say about this program with such an amazing guest list? Well, I can tell you again and again what these men created with the Saturn program, the Saturn V, going to the Moon, the lunar rover, the inspiration they gave America for generations and generations which continues today. Yes, I can tell you all of that and all of the subjects that we discussed regarding engines, engineering, rocket science, the Saturn, NASA then and NASA now, and more. But instead, I simply say that being able to bring to The Space Show these men, the men that took us to the Moon, to hear what they say about their experience, how it happened, how they did it, what it took, and then to hear what they say about the need to be in space today and make our programs work, both private and public, this is a gift for The Space Show. Listen to this program, listen to what Ed, Konrad, and Sonny tell us. What they have to say and how they did things is as vital today as it was when the Apollo program was being implemented. You can continue to ask questions of them through email. Here is their contact information: Ed Buckbee:; Konrad Dannenberg:; and Sonny Morea: You can also contact them through me using The Space Show thanks these men and the others that took us to the Moon and inspired people around the world for decades and generations. Their inspiration, their leadership, their accomplishments are as vital today as they were back in the 60's.



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