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The Space Foundation Conference

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Guest: Bob Werb. Topics: space entrepreneurism, economics 101, space economic development. Bob Werb was our guest on The Space Show today for a frank discussion and at times, a very cool Economics 101 lecture on the economics of space development. Do not miss this show and Bob's last segment 5 minute economics course for space cadets. Some of the issues we talked about from an economic perspective included ITAR reform, space entrepreneurism, military, civil, and NewSpace. We also discussed space security in the context of Bob's Econ 101 lesson. As has been the case with other programs, the N. Korean nuke program was brought up and Bob pointed out the vulnerability to military space and security by exploding a nuke in space to create an EMP that could impact our commercial and some military satellites such as GPS. In fact, at one time Bob said N. Korea could launch a missile straight up and probably get the nuke to a sufficient space altitude to do serious EMP damage. Listen to what he has to say about this in the context of space development economics and security. In an earlier segment, Bob was asked about the possible constraints on the new NASA Administrator. He then discussed with us the federal rules regarding all purchases, congressional issues, and potential policy interference from the White House. See what you think about these issues and how they might impact the new NASA Administrator. Bob discussed the five economic areas and the proper role of government for both our terrestrial economy and for the emerging space economy. The five areas he discussed for both were in this order, transportation, education, healthcare, security, and the rule of law. Don't miss this important discussion. Bob told us about the coming NewSpace Conference in July this year at NASA Ames. You can get more information about the conference from the Space Frontier Foundation website at If you have a question or comment for Bob Werb, please forward it to me at and I will forward it on to Bob.



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01 Jun 2009 Bob Werb
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