Broadcast 3334 Rod Pyle and Aggie Kobrin

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Guests:  Rod Pyle and Aggie Kobrin; Topics: ISDC 2019 discussion, ISDC 2020 plans, NSS, space policy, Ad Astra article submission, international student participation, exceptional keynote speakers, and more. 

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We welcomed back to the program both Aggie Kobrin and Rod Pyle to discuss many of the ISDC 2019 highlights, talk about ISDC 2020, the NSS, space policy, keynote addresses that made the prime time news plus exceptional networking opportunities.  We started our one segment 71 minute discussion with my asking both our guests to share with us their highlight event for this year's ISDC conference held across from the Pentagon.  Aggie spoke first and commented about the keynote speakers and all of the 200 speakers present at ISDC 2019. She also mentioned the film festival which will be a regular part of the ISDC Conference in the future,  plus she zeroed in on a few of the films so don't miss her commentary.  Rod first mentioned the new incoming NSS president, Geoffrey Notkin, then he said his top event was the keynote breakfast talk by NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine.  Don't miss why Rod thought was the highlight from his perspective.  Rod mentioned the panel discussion featuring Al Worden and Gerry Griffin with others plus the talk given by Eileen Collins.  Aggie then suggested the talk given by Dr. Martine Rothblatt. We discussed her topic which was of great interest to me but I missed her talk.  I will be getting a copy of it and hope to invite Dr. Rothblatt to a future Space Show program. 

Both our guests transitioned to talking about the 2020 ISDC which will be near Dallas at the Frisco, Texas Conference Center and the Embassy Suites Hotel from May 28-31.  Track chairman will soon be posted on the NSS website so if you are interested in speaking at ISDC 2020, make sure you get your abstract and topic idea in early.  Regarding track sessions, we talked about some ways to improve them, lengthen the time for talks and possibly doing away with the ten minute talk time limit.  Before moving on, our guests addressed the special space policy event the day before ISDC officially started.  Both said that for 2020, the space policy segment will be integrated into the full ISDC program rather than having it as an additional one day add on to the program.  Regarding ISDC events and programming, a listener sent in a note asking how ISDC locations are selected.  Aggie explained the process.  We learned that Los Angeles will be the city in  2021, the Washington, DC area will follow that with another location in the central part of the country.  Our guests said Los Angeles and Washington, DC will be every other year locations as they are the strongest locations for ISDC participation.

Another listener sent in an email asking if there were congressional staffers or other policy makers at ISDC this year given the D.C. location and would that be a focus for future ISDC programs, that is out reach to get congressional staffers and policy makers to attend the event.  Our guests said that the one day policy event was the lure for the policy makers.  Don't miss all of what our guests said about this group of people and ISDC.

The Ad Astra magazine came up when I asked Rod why the anniversary issue had a glossy cover, not the textured cover Ad Astra has been using for a while.  Rod provided us with an explanation and said that the textured cover will be returning for the next issue. Another listener asked Rod if Ad Astra accepted article submission from "unknowns."  The answer was yes plus they pay!  Listen to what Rod said and by all means, submit your article ideas.

Other topics discussed during this Space Show included the ISDC focus on the Moon or Mars, getting more US students to attend the student part of ISDC, the foreign students at this year's program and a comparison to this year's ISDC against previous years as requested by another listener email.  I then asked our guests what they would say if someone told them they missed ISDC 2019 and wanted to know the most important thing they missed.  Rod mend the Bridenstine and Collins talks plus some of the networking opportunities to meet people and speak freely about space.  Aggie mentioned the networking and the missed opportunities by not meeting and talking with the folks at ISDC 2019.  She talked about how freely available to talk and meet with people even the "stars" were but she also said Dallas ISDC 2020 would have equally great opportunities.   Speaking of Dallas, we got a call from Ken Ruffin who is the vice-chair for the upcoming Dallas area ISDC. 2020.  Don't miss what Ken said about the next ISDC.  Before our segment ended, both Aggie and Rod talked about supporting NSS, being a member and why, and the overall importance of supporting space organizations.  Before ending the program, I gave a shout out to the upcoming July 18th panel discussion at Griffith Observatory with Rod and myself.  I will have more to say about it on future Space Show programs but if you are in the LA area, come hear us that evening.  If you do come, make sure you say hello to each of us.

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01 Jul 2019 Rod Pyle, Aggie Kobrin
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