Broadcast 973 (Special Edition)

01 Jul 2008 Charles Chafer
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Guest : Charles Chafer, co-founder of Celestis and CEO of Space Services, Inc., returned for this Space Show program to discuss updates with Celestis. We talked about the new lunar space burial program as Celestis has formed agreements with two Google Lunar X-Prize teams, Odyssey Moon and the Astrobotic Team. There were many listener questions about both the lunar burial service as well as suborbital, orbital, deep space, and even a potential Martian and NEO burial service. As one listener brought to our attention, Celestis can fly hair samples from those who want part of themselves in space or on the Moon, you do not have to be departed to participate in these programs. We discussed space commercialization and the use of launch services supplied by launch companies rather than Celestis supplying its own launch services. You will want to hear this discussion with the listeners, myself, and Charlie. Space advocacy was discussed along with the challenges of building rockets. Charlie made a distinction in the commercial space world with companies that mostly talk, to those that attempt something, to those that are really working to produce an end product. This is another fascinating discussion you will want to hear and note. As we learned, we can now sign up for the lunar burial flight for our loved ones or for our own honorarium (our hair, remember). Visit for more information about the lunar flight and all Celestis flights. Another part of this discussion that you will want to hear addresses the issue of customer service. I extrapolate from the space burial service to the suborbital space tourism business and then solicited Mr. Chafer's thoughts on the subject. Listen to what he has to say about the subject of customer service. You can contact Celestis or Charles Chafer with your comments, questions, and inquiries through their website, Please mention having heard Charlie on The Space Show.



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