Broadcast 454 (Special Edition)

01 Feb 2006 Richard Sanford
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Rick Sanford was the special Space Show guest for this program. As Director of the Space Initiatives Global Defense, Space & Security Group at Cisco, Systems, Inc., Mr. Sanford brought us squarely into the world of the internet in space. This is a must program for Space Show listeners. Not only does Mr. Sanford discuss cutting edge technology and engineering, he points out the business planning, strategy, development, and methodology behind the engineering and technology development. Do you want to know what makes a vision real and plausible? Listen to Mr. Sanford in this interview! Do you want to know about safety and redundancy in systems, listen to Mr. Sanford in this program! Are you interested in "off the shelf technology" and its use in space? This is the program to hear. Are you a soon to be graduating scientist or engineer and you want to know the path to working for a cutting edge company such as Cisco, tune in this program. Do you want to see how space is global, what it can do for nations around the world, even under developed nations? Well, listen to this program. In fact, Rick Sanford puts forth the case why Cisco is involved in space and what it can do for humanity, obviously the company, but for people everywhere. Mr. Sanford makes the case for space better than most Space Show guests and certainly better than those with NASA and government space program. You will not want to miss our discussion on these issues. Rick Sanford's Space Show interview is as I said, a must listen to program. We even discuss space education and educational concepts - all of which you will want to know about. You can send comments or further questions to Mr. Sanford at You can also send your comments to me at and I will forward them to Rick Sanford.



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