Broadcast 1268 (Special Edition)

01 Dec 2009 Howard Bloom
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Guest: Howard Bloom. Topics: Space development, re-vision of capitalism, SSP, unlimited space resources. Howard Bloom returned for this nearly two hour program (without a break) to discuss his new book, "The Genius Of The Beast: A Radical Re-Vision Of Capitalism." This book is available on the One Giant Leap Foundation (OGLF) Amazon Partners webpage so if you buy it, please do so here so Amazon will contribute to The Space Show. For purchase, use We started our discussion with Howard giving us an introduction to his book beginning with trade from early Venice, the use of cotton and porcelain, new sailing ships, and finding trade routes to China that bypassed the traditional routes that included land caravans and more. His point in this discussion was to show that those nations that don't evolve, bring in new markets, new technology, and new ways of doing things parish over time. Developing and using space by the United States was what he was talking about, especially when he introduced energy to us. This brought us to the need for SSP which we discussed many times during this program. His new book is a world civilization, history book that shows how to keep capitalism developing, evolving, and vibrantly alive. One of the important themes throughout this program and Howard's presentation was the need to look up, not down. He told several stories that you will hear that illustrate the necessity to look up. One story focused on dinosaurs and you will love it. Later in the show, he used his earlier work, associations, and friendships with Michael Jackson and others to drive home his points around vision, looking up, and more. Sustainability was discussed and again, if you want a copy of his 2006 Yale graduation speech titled "Screw Sustainability," please send me an email and I will send it to you. We talked about the need for quality STEM and history education. A listener asked about bureaucracies and this is a discussion you must hear. Howard told another great story about O2 at one time in our history being a poison in response to those claims that carbon and other elements and bacterium in our lives are toxics. He said the key is not to just realize they are today a poison or a toxic, but instead to learn to use these materials as a positive. Don't miss this important discussion. Howard pointed out that the eco movement, as important as it is, is the opposite of expanding and moving forward using space and space resources. This was discussed in various ways throughout this show and its important to hear what Howard Bloom says about this subject and movement. Even the famous Earth-rise photo and Earth Day. His book points out the need to take the soul of a business to the market, to the customer to provide what people want and to give back to the customer, the user, the buyer. He turns current models upside down and again, we associated this approach and change in perception with the need to look up, go to space, develop space, and tap space for its resources. Howard and I both agreed that at this time the West and the United States is fighting for its survival. What Howard talks about in his book is a path to continued growth, wealth development, forward progress and as you hear me say on several programs, the solution to many of our problems goes through space and Howard agreed. Listen to this show and read his book. Let him know what you think. Howard can be reached through his Facebook account by searching for him or use HowBloom. You can find him on Twitter by using HowardXBloom. Questions and comments can always be forwarded through me at



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