Broadcast 632 (Special Edition)

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Robert Zimmerman returned for this Space Show program. With some sarcastic humor and serious commentary, Bob Zimmerman spent much time during this program connecting the dots to a future successful space program to a resolution of many of the global political and economic threats facing the U.S. and the free world. No doubt many listeners will disagree with Mr. Zimmerman's political assessment of issues facing America and how they might impact space development but Mr. Zimmerman is clearly not the first to express these concerns nor he is the first to do so in the context of space policy. He gave us his assessment of possible changes in space policy with new Democratic congress and he seems to think the change to really watch might be on the regulatory side for the developing private space industry, especially in terms of risk and space tourism. This concern is based on the wishes of some members of Congress to regulate the industry back at the time President Bush signed the Dec. 2004 legislation giving the industry a regulatory holiday for many years providing this period remains major accident free during this time. Zimmerman also discussed aspects of the NASA VSE, the Stick and other hardware issues. He talked about the future of the program, lunar settlement and the active involvement of China, Russia and India with their lunar programs. He gave us his assessment on their progress and future. We discussed Hubble, the recent press articles about Russia and its selected partners wanting to build their own version of a Hubble. His comments on the potential of a Russian space telescope were most informative. The telescope discussion included comments on the James Webb telescope being made and much more. Listeners asked him questions about the US budget deficit and how it might impact the space program. You will want to hear his comments. Throughout the program he was asked about the military presence in space and here Mr. Zimmerman did a comprehensive analysis of the military presence in space and the fear of weaponization of space. This discussion topic generated considerable interest and listener questions during the program. At one point during the program I suggested to Bob that he was like a rubber band during the show, always snapping back to the global threats he discussed up front at the beginning of the show. All roads led him back to the global threats during this program and in response to listener comments, he compared the present situation and the US to the 1930's rather than agreeing with listeners that our situation today reminded us all of the 60's and Viet Nam. You need to hear Bob's commentary on analysis and why he uses the 1930's for his comparison point. He concludes this two hour discussion with a look ahead into 2007 to see what space may offer for the year. His answer surprised me. Perhaps it will you as well. This show is classic Robert Zimmerman regarding space issues and geopolitics and space development in the broader context of our world of today. Mr. Zimmerman will gladly respond to your questions and comments and send them to him through me at Mr. Zimmerman returns to The Space Show in April 2007.



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01 Dec 2006 Robert Zimmerman
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