Broadcast 173 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

01 Dec 2003 USAF Col. Rick Searfoss
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USAF Col. (Ret) Rick Searfoss, former pilot NASA astronaut with three space missions, was the guest on The Space Show for Dec. 2, 2003. Col. Searfoss spoke at length about his flying experience in the Air Force and at NASA, the path to take for those that want to be future astronauts, his missions that he flew, astronaut training, politics within NASA, and what would have been involved in they had a mission to return to the Moon. We also talked about the future of the space program, including our return to the Moon, going onward with humans to the Moon, and private commerce for lunar settlement. Col. Searfoss explained his position with the X-Prize and XCOR, a suborbital rocket company in Mojave, California. He also talked about the International Space Station, its orbit and politics. The colonel also talked about his public and corporate speaking and leadership activities, and how he integrates into these forums his NASA and Air Force experience. This is a very interesting and informative interview.



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