Broadcast 531 (Special Edition)

01 Aug 2006 Dr. Robert Hoyt
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Dr. Robert Hoyt was the guest for this Space Show program. We began the interview with Dr. Hoyt telling us the basics about tethers. Tethers are either momentum exchange tethers or electrodynamics propulsion tethers working with Lorentz force interactions and the Earth's magnetic field. Dr. Hoyt then described these types of tethers in greater detail and the type of applications for each tether. In response to a listener question, he talked about being able to use tethers to move the ISS to another orbit though it would take about 18-24 months. We also about using tethers to mitigate space radiation. Dr. Hoyt was asked about work on tethers being carried out in other countries and this took us into a brief but valuable ITAR discussion. He said it bleeds the American space industry and you won't want to miss all his comments on this important subject. Dr. Hoyt talked about the challenges of building a commercial space company on a niche technology, we discussed the concept and value of failure and learning from failures, and we talked about the importance of limiting the use of Power Point presentations in favor of actually doing real work in the company. You can learn more about tethers and Tethers Unlimited, Inc. by visiting their website at If you have additional questions or comments for Dr. Hoyt, send them to me in care of and I will forward them to Dr. Hoyt.



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