Science Education

Broadcast 915 (Special Edition)

Guest: Steven Milloy, founder of (, was the guest for this program. Steven started out telling us how and why he started This is an interesting story about agenda driven and controlled financing of science projects and experiments, so don't miss it. From this topic we went to the topic of aerial spraying, DDT, and real vs. imaginary science behind such government or NGO programs. Again, this is an important discussion.

Broadcast 426 (Special Edition)

Joan Horvath returned to The Space Show to discuss the state of space and science education in the United States. Current trends in science literacy impact aerospace in general and New Space in particular. In Kansas and in Pennsylvania, fights are ongoing in the courts to define whether theories with a basis in faith can be taught in a science classroom; polls show that less than half of adults understand the issues of scientific method at the root of the controversy.

Broadcast 157 (Special Edition)

Ned Dodds, a retired high school teacher and outstanding space researcher, discusses his work aimed at providing school children and others with resources and educational tools supporting solar system exploration and development. Mr. Dodds took us through his website,, pointing out the highlights as well as taking notes on new features and services to add to his site to make it the premiere source of solar system information.


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