Broadcast 1121 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Paul Dear. Topics: N-Prize, RACOON/BALLOON LAUNCH, orbital satellite, AST, ITAR. Dr. Paul Dear returned to The Space Show to update us about new developments with the N-Prize (see for more details). We also went over the rules and several distinctions were made as well as clarifications pertaining to what is and is not an N-prize expense. Several N-prize team members called the show to discuss their entries as well as how they are complying with federal regulations pertaining to launching an orbital rocket.

Broadcast 634 (Special Edition)

Dr. Young K. Bae was the special guest for this Space Show program which originally aired on Tuesday morning, Nov. 28 and then again Tuesday evening, Dec. 5, 2006. Dr. Bae, has CEO of the Bae Institute in S. California (, is involved in cutting edge space related research. One product he discussed with listeners was his Photo Tether Formation Flight (PTFF) system which is applicable to satellite and spacecraft missions. Listen to his discussion to learn about PTFF and why it is so exciting. Dr.

Broadcast 442 (Special Edition)

Professor Joanne Gabrynowicz returned for this Space Show program for several important space law updates. We began the program discussing the Disaster Charter ( and its meaning for satellites and emergency assistance. This is an important discussion. We also spoke about the importance of the Group On Earth Observations ( and a different type of satellite assistance for emergencies and humanitarian reasons.

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