Broadcast 952 (Special Edition)

Guests: ISDC 2008 Taped Interview #1 with Robert Zimmerman, Dr. Sean Casey, David Faulkner, Reda Anderson, Dr. Haym Benaroya. The first interview features Bob Zimmerman, followed by Dr. Sean Casey with important updates for the NASA SOFIA Project, then David Faulkner who is the Program Manager and CTO for Rocketplane Global. Bob Zimmerman shares his view of the Investment Summit and several important space current events that we discussed. Reda Anderson and Dr. Benaroya were with me for these interviews and also asked questions for these featured guests.

Broadcast 633 (Special Edition)

Chuck Lauer returned to The Space Show for this special program to discuss Rocketplane-Kistler and more. We started our discussion with Chuck asking him about some of his past innovative ideas for recreational space development. This led Chuck to telling us how he got interested in space and a listener asked him about his preference regarding the regulatory world of real estate versus developing a space ship. The listener wanted to know if Chuck preferred working with a zoning commission or AST. Guess what his answer was!

Broadcast 441 (Special Edition)

Dr. Sam Dinkin and Cmdr. John Herrington joined The Space Show to discuss Rocketplane and Dr. Dinkin's new venture, SpaceShot, a skill game designed to provide ordinary people with a chance to take a $200,000 suborbital space tourism flight for about a $5 entry fee. We began the program talking with Cmdr. Herrington about Rocketplane, the spaceflight experience, space suits and pressure suits, the Rocketplane flight test program, and everything related to Rocketplane.

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