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Broadcast 1195 (Special Edition)

Guests: First Hour: Dr. Klaus Dannenberg, John Karas, Jeff Hamstra; Second Hour: Open Lines: Topics: propulsion, breakthrough propulsion, NASA, AIAA, Open Lines, Space Show guests, bone loss, microgravity, acceleration, NASA. The first hour of this two hour program was dedicated to discussing the coming AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference which will be in Denver, Colorado at the Colorado Convention Center from August 3-5, 2009. For more information about the conference and registration, please visit During Segment 1, our two guests, Dr.

Broadcast 811 (Special Edition)

David Urie was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Urie, recently with the Rocketplane Kistler Group, is now a consultant regarding space business development. With space engineering experience pre-dating Sputnik 1, we talked in detail about rocket engineering, technology, markets, and economics. We discussed the feasibility of suborbital space tourism, orbital space tourism, the $100/lb to LEO cost, the Marine Space Transportation Vehicle and much more. Listeners asked lots of questions about Rocketplane, fuel placement on a passenger vehicle, the need for space suits, and more.

Broadcast 478 (Special Edition)

"The Rocket Company" authors, Patrick Stiennon and David Hoerr, returned to The Space Show to engage in a panel discussing with additional returning guests, Dr. John Jurist and Monte Davis. The panel discussed numerous aspects of what is required to develop and build a rocket launching company using "The Rocket Company" book as the discussion basis. The panel discussed rocket engineering, business planning, single stage to orbit mass and economics, the existing launch industry along with the established launch industry. We discussed financing, markets, and much more.

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