propulsion engineering

Broadcast 580 (Special Edition)

DEEP SPACE MESSAGE: Hello to anyone listening out there and Space Show listeners. I'm the host of The Space Show, Dr. David Livingston, and The Space Show is now bringing you another Deep Space Message. This message comes to you from Jim Funaro of Port Townsend, WA on behalf of The Space Show. We appreciate your participating in our Deep Space Program. Dr.

Broadcast 1125 (Special Edition)

Guest: John Wickman. Topics: Rocket propulsion, rocket fuel, NASA, Moon, Mars, rocket launches. John Wickman, President of Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company (please see for more information) of Casper, Wyoming, was the guest for this program. Our interview started with Mr. Wickman telling about the formation of his spacecraft company and his early work regarding the Challenger accident and failure analysis. He then talked about NASA for new fuel development so you will want to hear this discussion.

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