physical science

Broadcast 1416 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Joe Rosen: Topics: Science, physics, comprehending the whole of the material universe, space issues, and more. We welcomed for the first time to The Space Show Dr. Joe Rosen to discuss his new book, "Lawless Universe: Science and the Hunt for Reality." You can purchase this book on the OGLF website through Amazon and Amazon will make a contribution to OGLF/The Space Show. Please use and select this title. Dr.

Broadcast 1019 (Special Edition)

Michael Michaud, author of "Contact with Alien Civilizations: Our Hopes and Fears about Encountering Extraterrestrials," was our Space Show guest for this in-depth discussion regarding ET contact. We started our discussion by having Mr. Michaud provide us with a broad brush definition of SETI. From there, we jumped into the discussion about validating signals, what type of signals, and could we even recognize a signal as coming from an ET civilization assuming it was out of the ordinary from our perspective.


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