Orbital and suborbital

Broadcast 1008 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Jeff Bell returned for this Space Show program to tell us about a new series of articles that he is writing for SpaceDaily.com regarding cult spacecraft. His first article, which will soon appear, deals with the Dyna-Soar and we had a terrific discussion about this proposed vehicle and project. We also discussed the DC-X during most of the first segment. Dr. Bell drew important conclusions about the DC-X project versus the mythology of the DC-X project, so you will certainly want to listen to this discussion.

Broadcast 903 (Special Edition)

Charles Pooley of Microlaunchers (www.microlaunchers.com) returned as the guest for this Space Show program. Charles started the discussion by explaining the Microlaunchers concept, which is to design a spacecraft for a 200 grams or less payload in order to take advantage of new FAA regulations as well as the continuing evolution in the components and technology of small mechanisms. He also cited the example of the Google Lunar X Prize as a potential outlet for the Microlaunchers concept.

Broadcast 123 (Special Edition)

David Ashford is Managing Director of Bristol Spaceplanes Limited, a spaceplane and space tourism consultancy with plans to develop the Ascender sub-orbital spaceplane. Mr. Ashford discusses space tourism, the use of reusable launch vehicles, both orbital and suborbital, his X-Prize entry, the Ascender Suborbital Vehicle, barriers to affordable space access, and space policy by government space agencies such as those in Europe and NASA. Mr.

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