Nuclear propulsion

Broadcast 1368 (Special Edition)

Guest: David Hook. Topics: SUSTAIN, space commerce, space policy, space economics. David Hook returned for this Space Show program to discuss several topics pertaining to commercial space development and policy. In our first segment, we reviewed the SUSTAIN conference from last year and talked about the Technology Roadmap that was developed from the conference but not activated.

Broadcast 1367 (Special Edition)

Guest: Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston. Topics: Nuclear rockets and propulsion, bone loss, radiation, VASIMR. This Open Lines program was a two hour plus discussion without a break regarding many issues ranging from space policy to nuclear propulsion. The VASIMR was again a focal point for discussion and this took us into a lengthy discussion of nuclear propulsion. Nuclear Thermal Rockets were the main topic but other nuclear propulsion concepts were discussed. This seemed to be the overwhelming topic as caller after caller talked about nuclear propulsion as well as radiation.

Broadcast 1357 (Special Edition)

Guest: Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston. Topics: nuclear rocket propulsion, VASIMR, space policy, ISS, Constellation, Ares 1. This Open Lines program was a two hour discussion with many listener phone calls and email/chat questions. As with all open lines shows, they have a mind of their own and go off in a direction that you the listeners want. An Open Lines program is a listener driven content oriented program so here is what we talked about this time. During the first segment, I led with a discussion of the copyright issues for The Space Show.


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