Broadcast 86 (Special Edition)

25 Dec 2002 Paul Blase
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Paul Blase, the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of TransOrbital, Inc., the company preparing to send private missions to the Moon. This program discusses the TransOrbital TrailBlazer mission with Mr. Blase, along with the full range of commercial lunar missions being planned by TransOrbital. We talk about the mock-up payload process, and about both his and the TransOrbital relationship with The Mex-LunarHab (MLH) Project and the Mex-AreoHab (MAH) and MLH projects. Since this interview is the first for Mr. Blase after witnessing the Dnepr launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, we are able to receive a first-hand report not only on the Dnepr, but the launch facilities, the entire Russian launch experience, and much more.



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