Broadcast 1554 (Special Edition)

08 May 2011 Keith Dauzat, Eric Hunting
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Guests: Keith Dauzat, Eric Hunting. Topics: Undersea habitats leading to space development, the Living Universe Foundation. You are invited to comment, ask questions, and discuss the Space Show program/guest(s) on the Space Show blog, Comments, questions, and any discussion must be relevant and applicable to Space Show programming. We welcomed our two guests, Keith Dauzat and Eric Hunting to the program to discuss the Living Universe Foundation (LUF) and their program for space colonization. The discussion has its origins in the book written by Marshall T. Savage in the early 1990s, "The Millennial Project: Colonizing The Galaxy In Eight Easy Steps." As a result of this book, the First Millennial Foundation was created to bring about the plan discussed in the book but then events, basically unclear in total, caused the project to fade away. In recent times, the new LUF was created to carry on with the plan and it is in the process of being approved as a 501C3. In addition, as you will hear throughout our nearly two hour discussion, a revision of "The Millennial Project" book is underway and you will hear our guests discuss some of the changes that will apply to LUF.. This new program is referred to as The Millennial Project 2.0 (TMP2). Our guests mentioned several important websites that you can use to obtain more information. Visit and to learn more about the Utilhab Project which was also discussed by our guests. As both our guests referred to the information on these and related websites, I suggest you use the websites when listening to this discussion. LUF team member Steve Carr emailed me information on the Mondragon Corporation in Spain as a model for what LUF was talking about, . One LUF participant did email a comment regarding our economic discussion. This email came from Chad which I read on air and questioned the focus on quarterly profits. This email comment sparked a discussion on economics, investing, government projects versus investor funded projects & more. See what you think about this discussion. Other discussion points that came up included LUF outreach in the New Space and space advocacy communities and presenting their concepts at space conferences. Later in the discussion we talked about vision, big vision ideas. leadership, and being grounded in reality to build a strong foundation for moving forward with LUF. This prompted one of my usual rants on vision, leadership, reality, grounding, fantasy and such. In addition to describing the 8 steps referred to in the Savage book, our guests said some of the models were based on related economic activity for that model. For example, real estate development & agriculture. This will become clear when you listen to what our two guests said about funding, the economics behind LUF, and the 8 steps in the plan. In fact, Eric opened the discussion with a short summary of each of these 8 steps. LUF has a Forum that you can join, For your comments & questions, please post them on the blog URL above. You can also email them to, Keith using and for Eric, use



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