Broadcast 1543 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

11 Apr 2011 Dr. James R. Wertz
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Guest: Dr. James (Jim) Wertz. Topics: Reinventing Space Conference, the new Space Mission Engineering text book, responsive space updates. Please note that you are invited to comment, ask questions, and discuss the Space Show program/guest(s) on the Space Show blog, Comments, questions, and any discussion must be relevant and applicable to Space Show programming. For additional information supplemental to our discussion, please visit the Microcosm website ( and the bookstore mentioned during our discussion at To learn more about the NanoEye project, visit For information on composite tanks, check out and for the Scorpius launch vehicle, visit During our first segment, Dr. Wertz talked about the upcoming Reinventing Space Conference to be held at the Westin Hotel in Los Angeles, CA from May 2-6, 2011. All conference information can be found at Jim explained why the name of the conference changed from Responsive Space to Reinventing Space and proceeded to hit some of the highlights planned for this year’s program, including keynote speakers, added events and even the new Classified Annex for those with a DOD security clearance and U.S. Citizenship. As you will hear and also you can see it on the website, the conference agenda is loaded with power house speakers and cutting edge relevant topics addressing responsive space issues. In responding to listener questions about responsive space, our guest described the Soviet Union responsive space capabilities during the Falklands War, capabilities that the U.S. still does not have today. He also mentioned Chinese responsive space capabilities. In our second segment, we focused on the upcoming release of the new text book, “Space Mission Engineering-The New SMAD.” Jim described the contents of this book, why it was needed as an update to the earlier SMAD text book, and some of the new features of the book including an online interactive section that allows readers to use the variables for their own space missions with the formulas in the book so they can plan, design and implement their own missions. Don’t miss this discussion about this exciting new book which will be available this summer. Of course The Space Show will report its availability on the program. Dr. Wertz also talked about the well known book, “LEO On The Cheap” which is a free download on the web at As you will hear, this book is still considered one of the best there is for obtaining low cost space access. In our final segment, Dr. Wertz talked about the Microcosm project with the Army, NanoEye, along with information on composite tanks . You do not want to miss his NanoEye discussion, its use of off the shelf CubeSat components, and its exciting capabilities with 2.5km/second of DeltaV, plus recurring costs less than $2 million each. Our composite tank discussion was comprehensive stressing the tank’s advantages, the light weight/mass benefits, and we even addressed how to avoid problem with the tank interfacing with other materials/metals. If you have questions or comments for Dr. Wertz, please post them on the blog URL above. You can also email him about the conference or other matters at



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