Broadcast 2574 (Special Edition)

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Guests: John Batchelor, Dr. David Livingston. Topics: Cassini flyby of Enceladus. You are invited to comment, ask questions, and discuss the Space Show program/guest(s) on the Space Show blog. Comments, questions, and any discussion must be relevant and applicable to Space Show programming. Written Transcripts of Space Show programs are not permitted without prior written consent from The Space Show (even if for personal use) & are a violation of the Space Show copyright. We do not permit the commercial use of any Space Show program or part thereof, nor do we permit Space Show programs to be edited, placed on YouTube, or other private channels & websites. Space Show programs can be quoted in news articles, papers, academic & research work but must be cited or referenced in the proper citation format. Contact Dr. Livingston for questions about our copyright and trademark policies which we do enforce. This program is archived on The Space Show website, podcasting, and blog sites with permission from John Batchelor. Please visit the John Batchelor Show website for more information about this fine program, Remember, your Amazon Purchases Can Help Support The Space Show/OGLF ( For those of you listening to archives on & rating the programs, please email me the reasons for your rating. This will definitely help improve Space Show programming. Thank you. Please note that audio and transition issues are a result of copying the John Batchelor broadcast & are not within my control as they originate in the Batchelor studio. John Batchelor and I welcomed back Dr. Curt Niebur, NASAs program scientist for Cassini, to update us on the close flyby of Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons. The flyby was 30 miles above the moon's surface and took place approximately 10AM PDT Oct. 28, 2015. Cassini flew through the south pole plumes or seafloor vents of expelled water given that it is believed that Enceladus has an under the ice ocean. The flyby will be able to tell the nature and content of ocean plus much more, including the possible detection of organics. Dr. Niebur also described the north pole area since it was viewed for the first time in recent weeks, revealing a very cracked and crevice filled area. Our guest was asked about the Cassini instruments used to gather the information as it flew through the plumes and we learned that two instruments had to be recalculated to do this mission. Another topic briefly discussed was the use of nuclear power for this mission and why solar power would not have worked. Don't miss what our guest had to say about this and more regarding Cassini and this strange moon of Saturn. Please post your comments/questions on The Space Show blog above. You can email Mr. Batchelor or Dr. Niebur through me at



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28 Oct 2015 Dr. Curt Niebur, John Batchelor
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