Broadcast 163 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

28 Oct 2003 Brian Chase
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Brian Chase, the Executive Director for the National Space Society was the guest for this Space Show program. We had a most interesting discussion about the role of space advocate organizations, how they do effective lobbying with Congress, the best way to approach those in Washington to influence space policy and what not to do when trying to influence an elected official. We also discussed the National Space Society and its goals, its worldwide offices, its relationship with other space advocacy organizations, and the personal vision for space development of Mr. Chase. Mr. Chase discussed the importance of the suborbital industry along with other parts of the commercial space industry. We also talked about the upcoming presidential campaign as well as the recent recall election in California and how difficult it is to get candidates and the general population to put space on the agenda as a priority item. Brian Chase certainly knows his way around the political landscape and the world of lobbying for space advocacy. His sharing his views, experience, and wisdom with Space Show listeners was both important and educational.



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