National Space Society

Broadcast 1058 (Special Edition)

Guest: Greg Zsidisin was the guest for this Space Show program. We began our discussion with Greg about the type of space policy to expect from the new Obama administration. We focused in on the space policy transition team as Greg was asked to give us insights into their thinking and space interests. He concluded that space policy would likely unfold more or less traditionally rather than anything out of the box.

Broadcast 959 (Special Edition)

Guests: Col. M. V. (Coyote Smith; Dr. David Livingston: ISDC 2008 Interview # 4 starts off with a quality discussion with Col. M. V. (Coyote) Smith, USAF, regarding the business case potential and the need for developing space solar power. This is a hard-hitting discussion in the hotel coffee shop about what is needed for space solar power to be developed. During this interview, not only do we discuss business case facts, but energy policy, the capability of the private sector to develop a demo project, other nations and their work toward SSP as well as their capability to do the project.

Broadcast 425 (Special Edition)

Barbara Marx Hubbard was the guest on The Space Show for this special program. We discussed space development and becoming space-faring in the context of conscious evolution as an emerging state of development for the betterment of humanity. This is an extremely important discussion because Dr. Hubbard proposed a superb action plan, the "Movement For A Positive Future," and all those interested are encouraged to email me at to add their support to the project.

Broadcast 334 (Special Edition)

Kenneth Murphy was the guest for this Space Show program. We began the interview by discussing Ken's involvement with the National Space Society and the coming ISDC annual conference for the NSS in Washington, DC later this month. We had an extensive discussion with Mr. Murphy about education, outreach, NASA outreach, NSS and other space organizations and their outreach programs. We had stimulating questions from the listeners in the area of education, space books and libraries, science considerations for students and much more.

Broadcast 314 (Special Edition)

George Whitesides, the Executive Director of the National Space Society (NSS) returned to be the guest for this Space Show program. During the first part of the program, George discussed the work of the National Space Society and the upcoming annual conference, ISDC, which will be held in Washington, DC from May 19-22. Space Show listeners are encouraged to attend this important conference and you can learn more about it at or the special conference site

Broadcast 163 (Special Edition)

Brian Chase, the Executive Director for the National Space Society was the guest for this Space Show program. We had a most interesting discussion about the role of space advocate organizations, how they do effective lobbying with Congress, the best way to approach those in Washington to influence space policy and what not to do when trying to influence an elected official. We also discussed the National Space Society and its goals, its worldwide offices, its relationship with other space advocacy organizations, and the personal vision for space development of Mr. Chase. Mr.


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