Broadcast 1034 (Special Edition)

Guest: Open Lines was the basis for this two hour Sunday Space Show program. Many topics were discussed with callers, those on chat, and through email, including the economic problems and the impact on space, Space Cynics and the recent set of posts regarding Masten Space Systems (http://spacecynic.wordpress.com/2008/09/20/in-space-can-anybody-smell-th...), Space Solar Power (SSP), the NASA Administrator, and more.

Broadcast 940 (Special Edition)

Guest: Open Lines. Our regularly scheduled guest for this program had a last minute emergency, so we converted the show to Open Lines. Our originally scheduled guest, Charles Chafer, will be rescheduled as soon as possible. We led off with an Open Lines listener phone call about chat windows and IM on the show. I described to the listener how to use instant messenger chat to communicate with the show and also stated that we do not provide an organized group chat window.

Broadcast 903 (Special Edition)

Charles Pooley of Microlaunchers (www.microlaunchers.com) returned as the guest for this Space Show program. Charles started the discussion by explaining the Microlaunchers concept, which is to design a spacecraft for a 200 grams or less payload in order to take advantage of new FAA regulations as well as the continuing evolution in the components and technology of small mechanisms. He also cited the example of the Google Lunar X Prize as a potential outlet for the Microlaunchers concept.

Broadcast 415 (Special Edition)

Charles Pooley was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Pooley discussed his company, Microlaunchers, and also the subject of microlaunch vehicles, i.e., starting small and growing to larger and more successful launch vehicles. He points out that starting out in the rocket business by making large rockets has a track record leading to failure. Mr. Pooley's approach is to start small, with 1 lb. satellites or cubesats, launching a total payload of 8 lbs. to LEO.


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