Masten Space Systems

Broadcast 1034 (Special Edition)

Guest: Open Lines was the basis for this two hour Sunday Space Show program. Many topics were discussed with callers, those on chat, and through email, including the economic problems and the impact on space, Space Cynics and the recent set of posts regarding Masten Space Systems (, Space Solar Power (SSP), the NASA Administrator, and more.

Broadcast 669 (Special Edition)

Dave Masten and Michael Mealling were the special guests for this program which focused on the entrepreneurial company, Masten Space Systems ( Michael began the discussion by providing us with introductory information about Masten Space Systems, then he told us about their exclusive program, SodaSat. You can fly your own payload including your own scientific experiment on their rocket in a container such as a soda can or larger. Check it out at their website.

Broadcast 406 (Special Edition)

Michael Mealling was the guest for this Space Show program. Michael began the interview discussing the Masten Space Systems development of their VTVL launch vehicle, the XA 1.0. He described the market for this vehicle for carrying cargo to 100 km., specifically cargo from K-12 school age children competing for science fair projects with a 100- 300/kg payload capable of flying multiple times per day for a very low price of about $25,000.


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