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Broadcast 958 (Special Edition)

Guest: Chris Carberry, Executive Director of The Mars Society, returned for this Space Show program. As Chris was in attendance at ISDC 2008, we opened our discussion with a review of the presidential candidates' representatives who made presentations at ISDC this year. Here we talked about the questions asked by Miles O'Brien of CNN, the lack of knowledge by the representatives about important space issues such as ITAR, and the overall disappointment felt across the board by the poor showing and low level of interest evidenced during this sessions by those on the panel.

Broadcast 909 (Special Edition)

Guest: Chris Carberry, the new Executive Director of The Mars Society was the guest for this Sunday Space Show program. We started out by discussing the new Mars Society and his personal and organizational goals for the organization under his leadership. Increasing both membership and funding are high priorities, as is getting ready for the 11th Annual Mars Society Conference to be held in Boulder, CO from August 14-17, 2008.

Broadcast 845 (Special Edition)

Guest: Alex Kirk. Alex was the guest for this half hour Space Show program to bring to the attention of listeners the Mars Society fax service to let the 2008 presidential candidates and your congressional representatives know your thoughts on space development and a humans to Mars trip. The Mars Society website is hosting this server at and you do not need to be a member of the Mars Society to use it.

Broadcast 281 (Special Edition)

Lucinda Weisbach was the guest for this Space Show program. We discussed her role as a member of the Space Exploration Alliance (SEA), what the SEA is, its membership, and its contribution to seeing to it that new new space policy vision becomes space policy. Lucinda talked about the Mars Society as well, how both the organization and Dr. Zubrin support the SEA and the president's vision. We also spoke about outreach and space advocacy. Lucinda shared her experiences with us in meeting her elected representatives and lobbying them on space matters.


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