Mars communication

Broadcast 1014 (Special Edition)

Guest: Bill Larson (first hour), former news anchor from ABC, was our guest for this very special Space Show television program. Bill started off the program telling us about his history in broadcast journalism, his extensive experience covering the early history of the manned space program, and his perspective as a journalist for the Apollo 1 tragedy where he was one of the first on the scene. You will want to hear what he has to say. He also told us about the parties he attended and the pranks that occurred.

Broadcast 922 (Special Edition)

Guest: Jim Lewis was the guest for this Space Show program. Jim is the managing director of the Deep Space Communications Network and is the facilitator of The Space Show Deep Space Messages. Jim returns for this program to update us on deep space communications and to discuss this topic in a broad and general way. All of their deep space communications, including those by Space Show guests, can be found on their archive page, Also, all Space Show Deep Space Messages are archived on The Space Show website.

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