Kids to Space

Broadcast 962 (Special Edition)

Guest: Barbara Sprungman David was the guest for this Space Show program to discuss her new book, "Kids To Space: Mission Plans, An Educator's Guide." Barbara co-authored this book with Lonnie Schorer and this book is a follow-on to Lonnie's earlier book "Kids To Space: A Space Traveler's Guide." Please listen to the earlier Space Show with Lonnie from May 19, 2006 located at: .

Broadcast 496 (Special Edition)

Lonnie Schorer was the special guest for this Space Show program. Ms. Schorer discussed her new book, "Kids To Space" which is published by Apogee Books, but the program evolved into a comprehensive discussion of kids education regarding space and related topics. Lonnie explained how the idea for the book came about, what happened when she began contacting schools and parents to participate in the project, and the contributions by the kids as well as the space experts she consulted with to answer the kids questions.

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