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Broadcast 663 (Special Edition)

Ann L.Singer was the guest for this special Space Show program. Ms. Singer is a professional grant writer working with The Space Show/One Giant Leap Foundation for educational program funding for The Space Show and other soon to be announced projects. Ann started the discussion with an introduction of how she become a grant writer from her corporate finance and banking background.

Broadcast 456 (Special Edition)

Michael Paolucci was the guest for this special Space Show program. Michael began the interview by giving us the background to his having created, a commercial, membership telescope viewing program using an observatory in the Canary Islands. As he clearly states, the origins have a philosophical nature to them as Michael got the idea to create this venture after being in New York during 9/11 and losing his best friend. He realized the importance of space and the world without borders regarding the future of humanity.

Broadcast 181 (Special Edition)

Jim McDade returns to The Space Show to discuss the leading space events of 2003 and to look ahead to 2004 for space development. Mr. McDade discusses the importance of space in the main news stories in the United States for 2003 and the same for the top news stories in China for 2003. He discusses Mars and challenge to get robotic missions to Mars, using Beagle 2 as an example. Mr. McDade explains why human missions are so much more likely to succeed in a space mission than a robotic mission, using several of the Apollo missions as an example.

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