Tyler Ryan Bender

Tyler Ryan Bender is a Policy Analyst with the Beyond Earth Institute, and a federal contractor supporting the FAA’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation. His current work with Beyond Earth is focused on the potential long-term impact of NASA’s Artemis program. He is a Marine Corps veteran and has a Master’s degree in International Relations from the Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver.

Tyler is also a former independent candidate for the U.S. Congress. During his brief, but inspired, 2018 campaign to represent Indiana’s 3rd district, he advocated for an end to partisan gridlock and stronger U.S. leadership in expanding humanity’s presence in outer space. Prior to transitioning to a career in space, he worked for a decade in broadband communications while he was raising his daughter.

Broadcast 3906 Tyler Ryan Bender

Please note that there were audio and sound problems with the phone calls from John and Doug.  Eventually both called back using different lines and they were resolved.  These difficulties are being investigated with our broadcast engineer, phone line with Cox and equipment analysis.  While I beieve the source of the difficulty is with the caller's phone line, we are making sure that nothing in The Space Show system is cause the audio fading. Additionally, nothing was missed as a result of these problems.

Thank you for your patience.


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