Shubber Ali

Shubber Ali is a senior manager in Accenture's Process & Innovation Performance group, where he helps private and public sector clients to develop non-incremental innovation capabilities and offerings in industries ranging from financial services to high tech. He previously served as the Group Manager for Risk Strategy at Capital One, and was the Manager of KPMG's Aerospace and Defense consulting practice, where he worked on projects ranging from GPS and Launch systems (ELV and RLV) to commercial satellite systems (comms and remote sensing) and commercialization of the ISS. He also successfully co-founded a space-derived private equity-backed startup, Snowsports Interactive, which won a major international design award this spring and has just signed their first commercial contracts in the US ski market for this season. He is a regularly featured presenter at industry conferences, including most recently this month at both the Frost & Sullivan Innovation conference in San Francisco (where he co-facilitated a workshop for over 50 senior executives from across industry on conducting innovation diagnostics for their companies) and at the IQPC Chicago conference (where he spoke on the role of Lean Six Sigma and Process discipline in fostering Innovation). Shubber is also the founder of the Space Cynics blog, a contrarian voice in the otherwise generally kool-aid fueled world (although he and his fellow Cynic bloggers certainly take jabs at the established space industry giants as well...). He holds an MBA from Georgetown University, where he also served as an adjunct professor of business strategy.

Broadcast 1042 (Special Edition)

Guests: The Space Cynics, Shubber Ali, Tom Olson, Dr. John Jurist, and Dr. David Livingston, came together for this conference call round table discussion on the topic of the day, Space Solar Power (SSP). In keeping with the true Space Cynics fashion, this was a hard-hitting program addressing some of the fundamental challenges facing SSP and why the Cynics do not share the joy of seeing a future SSP world as do those promoting it.

Broadcast 1027 (Special Edition)

Guest: Shubber Ali was our guest today in order to discuss our economic situation and its fallout for civil and private space, space solar power (SSP), space investment, venture capital, and much more. Several callers asked Shubber questions ranging from how NewSpace Companies should strategize for survival or moving forward given our economic crisis and one caller even asked for models of how aviation companies did it in the 1930s.

Broadcast 957 (Special Edition)

Guests: Space Cynics Shubber Ali, Tom Olson, and me (DrSpace aka Professor L) met for this interview in the hotel coffee shop for an in-person discussion featuring the Cynics' view of several of the topics discussed at ISDC 2008. This was the first ever in-person Cynics show, but we hope to offer you more and with our fourth Cynic, Old Space Cadet, who could not be with us this year. We were also joined by Reda Anderson, who is now an Honorary Space Cynic. The gloves were taken off and our discussion was hard-hitting on many topics.

Broadcast 744 (Special Edition)

Shubber Ali was the guest for this Space Show program. We covered many discussion topics from the accident at Scaled last week to the problems reported with NASA, including possible shuttle sabotage and possible drunk shuttle crews. The points made by Shubber on these topics are interesting and to the point so don't miss them. We also talked about SSP and its possible R&D development by the Air Force or the military in general. Shubber went through the economics of SSP and talked about from the perspective of a future investment for our nation and the world.

Broadcast 658 (Special Edition)

Shubber Ali returned for this special Space Show program which was extended to 2 1/2 hours. We began our discussion with Shubber by asking him for his take on the VSE. the lunar launch architecture designed to take us to the Moon, and the time period for the program. Shubber wasted no time in taking us through the complicated political world surrounding the VSE and letting us know why he does not think it will happen.

Broadcast 601 (Special Edition)

Shubber Ali was the guest on this special program and we thank Shubber for being with us live at the unheard of time of 2:30-4:30AM in Sydney, Australia! During the first part of this program, Shubber talked about space tragic and why he does not like the term "space industry." We then looked at recent developments in the space world since his last appearance on the show and asked for his analysis. This included CEV, COTS, Lockheed, Kistler, Atlas 5, Bigelow, space tourism and Ms. Ansari on the space station, the VSE and more.

Broadcast 383 (Special Edition)

Shubber Ali returned to The Space Show for this special two hour program. The interview began by asking Shubber questions about the space industry in Australia, in America, and elsewhere in the world. In the context of this discussion, we also talked about the launch industry, especially in America, but we did discuss demand around the world and the entrepreneurial business in the United States. Shubber also told listeners why he does not like the term "space industry" and this developed into a brief analysis of the space industry, space tourism, marketing studies, and more.

Broadcast 298 (Special Edition)

Shubber Ali returned to The Space Show for this program to update us on important developments with AstroVision Australia and the Australian space business community. Not only did AstroVision Australia become a publicly traded company on the Australian stock exchange, the company has announced its program to launch geostationary satellites for weather and other purposes. Mr. Ali discussed in some detail this program and the technology of the satellites. You will certainly want to hear about it given the wide ranging impact it will have across the Asian-Pacific platform and elsewhere.

Broadcast 209 (Special Edition)

Shubber Ali, the Managing Director of AstroVision Australia and experienced former Manager of KPMG Space Consulting in Washington, DC was the guest on today's Space Show. Mr. Ali, one of the most focused and sharpest space business guests to appear on The Space Show, began the discussion, with a push from me, by talking about the famous and most respected KPMG Outlook space industry business report, marketing and other space business reports and research documents.

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