Sherwood (Woody) Spring

Sherwood (Woody) Spring

Graduated West Point 1967,( peak of Viet Nam War) Airborne, Ranger, Basic and one advanced course then over to Viet Nam for the first of two one-year tours; the second one as a pilot.

Returned from second determined to stay a pilot. Applied to Navy Test Pilot School with Master’s Degree in Aero Engineering on the way. 4-years as Test Pilot at Edwards AFB CA

Picked up by NASA as Astronaut in 1980, flew in 1985. 2nd night launch, 2nd flight of Atlantis. 1-week on orbit, launched four satellites, two space walks for 12 hours

6-weeks later Challenger accident. On Tiger Team. 3 more years crews named, he wasn’t on one which meant about 5 more years of waiting. Army asked him to come back and he did. Ran the Army Space Program for six years.

Retired in 1994 as Colonel. Next 15 years working the beltway.

Joined Defense Acquisition University in 2009 as professor Engineering, Test and Evaluation, plus Science and Technology Management. Liaison to Western Ranges, Executive Coach

2 kids:

Sarah, Maj US Army, Doctor Pediatrician

Justin, Olympic athlete in 2008 (gymnastics) Bronze, now head coach U of I 

Broadcast 2711 Woody Spring

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