Roman Chiporukha

Roman Chiporukha is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Roman & Erica, Inc, a lifestyle management and luxury travel firm with decades of experience and offices located in New York, Aspen, Miami and Rio De Janeiro. An exclusive membership-based firm, Roman & Erica combine the services of a respected concierge, luxury travel consultant, and top-level personal assistant.

Guided by the mantra that one’s leisure time is your only non-renewable asset, Roman, who previously worked with hospitality companies and the ultrawealthy for more than two decades, and his team succeed in delivering seamlessness to the travel and lifestyle needs of their esteemed clientele.

Roman has been involved in private astronaut initiatives since 2018 and his direct efforts led to the purchase of one of only three private astronaut tickets for Axiom Space’s 10 day mission to the International Space Station scheduled for January, 2022, making the Ax1 mission possible. 

Roman lives in NYC with his wife and two children, and is passionately dedicated to the advancement of humanity’s unity in space exploration.

Broadcast 3751 Roman Chiporukha

NOTE:   This program hadt a phone line glitch took place early in the program.  I used a backup copy of the recording to replace a lost 13 minutes or so early in the show.  The backup audio is not as good as original audio but nothing was lost in the interview. When the program was restored, Roman quickly summarized the 13 minutes in case the back up recording missed it. Thus, you have the original part of the interview plus a few minutes of Ruman's summarizing what was missed as a result of the phone system going offline.  The written summary for this program will post later this day.

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