Roger C. Herrera

Roger Herrera was educated at Oxford University and has both a BA and MA in geology. He has worked for British Petroleum (BP) on the North Slope of Alaska, as well as in Libya, Papua-New Guinea, Australia, Columbia, South America, Greece, the Canadian Arctic Islands, and Peru. In Alaska, he managed the BP exploration program and its Environment Department. Mr. Herrera has testified before Congress more than 55 times and has been on national TV shows regarding Alaskan oil and gas exploration and development. He is now the president of Northern Knowledge, an Alaska Consultancy specializing in oil, gas, and environmental issues. He is active with the politics of ANWR through his association with Arctic Power, the non-profit citizen organization that has the sole objective of persuading Congress to open the coastal plain of ANWR to careful oil and gas development.

Broadcast 2

Guest: Roger Herrera, President of Northern Knowledge, discusses drilling for oil and gas at ANWR in Alaska. The interview addresses the politics, the economics, and the environmental issues involved in opening this Alaska area up to oil and gas exploration and development.

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