Robert Jacobson

Robert Jacobson is a multi faceted entrepreneur and founding member of Desert Sky Holdings, a Los Angeles based boutique private equity group that focuses on below the radar opportunities. Robert's varied professional experience includes real estate marketing & brokerage, music production, publishing, business development, and coaching. He is former Vice President of American International Realty where he oversaw several commercial office properties. Robert has also served as Chief Investment Strategist for American Trade Group where he identified unique market opportunities for international trade. Robert currently works with portfolio companies and clients in the areas of marketing and business development. A life long space enthusiast, Robert was inspired by the Ansari XPRIZE competition to personally and professionally involve himself in the entrepreneurial space industry through research, advocacy, investment, and leadership. Additionally, Robert is the co-founder of 62MileClub, the premier source for entertainment and information on all things New Space. Robert is a graduate of the University of Southern California where he studied Music and Business. Robert also holds an MFA from California Institute of the Arts. A born promoter, improviser, team builder, and dealmaker, he is passionate about incorporating creativity into business. Robert believes that the combination of creativity and passion is one of the most powerful driving forces available.

Broadcast 1322 (Special Edition)

Guests: Responsive Space Live Audience. Topics: Responsive Space issues, affordable space, Israel and small states, Apollo 13, PR, California space issues. This was our annual live audience Responsive Space program from the 8th Responsive Space Conference in Los Angeles. There were no breaks in the show. We started the program with a discussion led by Dr. Jim Wertz who opened the conference with the admission that this might be the last Responsive Space Conference. Thus, we discussed the significance and the progress so far of the responsive space programs and concerns.

Broadcast 939 (Special Edition)

Guests: Karina Drees and Robert Jacobson were the guests for this program to discuss the upcoming Fourth Space Investment Summit (SIS), Wednesday, May 28, 2008 in Washington, DC, the day before ISDC 2008. To complete the separate registration for the SIS, visit and click on "Space Investment Summit" in the menu on the left hand side. Karina and Robert discussed the program, the speakers, and the networking opportunities that will take place at this all day meeting.

Broadcast 805 (Special Edition)

This special program is a simulcast of the 62 Mile Club special event, "'s Closer Than You Think" program which was held Oct. 4, 2007 at the Luxe Hotel in Bel Air, California. You will hear all the terrific talks made during this impressive program which promotes the commercial space industry to future customers, investors and the general public. About 140 people attended the event, networking opportunities were awesome for those in attendance, and The Space Show bring all of the excellent speakers and talks to you.

Broadcast 771 (Special Edition)

Robert Jacobson, Co-Founder of the 62 Mile Club, was the guest for this program. Robert discussed how the 62 Mile Club was founded, its purpose, and its upcoming special event in the Los Angeles - Bel Aire on Oct. 4 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Sputnik 1. Robert answered many listener questions, including one question about the pollution rockets might cause upon launch, especially if the launch rate were to go up to a high rate. Both Robert and I answered the question so see what you think of our response. If you have a good response to this question, please send it to me.

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