Richard Core

Richard Core is one of the Team FREDNET founders and the mission's project manager. His interest in space started while growing up on a farm in Northern Michigan. Mr. Core's career in space started while working on a BSEE degree from the University of Michigan. In college, he designed the data collection and analysis part of visual experiments in pattern recognition and countermeasures for the Willow Run Rad Labs. Later, at the AEDC Large Rocket Facility of Arnold Air Force Base, he was part of testing program for the Saturn S-IVB J-1 Engine restart inside the labs's altitude & environment chamber. Mr. Core also worked for Lockheed MSC as an Associate Responsible Engineer in the Space Systems Division on the Agena-D Vehicle program. In relocating to the Silicon Valley and joining Lockheed, Mr. Core was a Systems Analyst with the Missile Systems Division in the Office of the Chief Engineer doing Polaris test flight simulation and analysis and Atmospheric EMP simulations. While working for Lockheed, Mr. Core received an MS degree in Computer Science from Santa Clara University. Following Lockheed, Mr. Core served as the Project Lead on the first ever Desktop Color Terminal at Ramtek Corp and as a project ,manager for the automatic visual inspection of bank notes. For Peter Kiewitt Co., Mr. Core developed all of the software for a North Slope Drilling Platform that rolled on the same tractors used for the Saturn 5 vehicle and worked on several robotic inspection systems for companies like FMC and Intel. Mr. Core later founded Santa Cruz Computer, which provided project management, programming, and testing services to a host of clients including Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Belgium National Bank. In founding the company, Fred and Richard worked together and attended an early example of social networking called the BluBerger Group. While in the bay area, Mr. Core has done business startup consultation and project management all around the Bay Area. Before Fred Bourgeois called, Mr. Core moved his family back to his home town in Michigan to try to retire.

Broadcast 1193 (Special Edition)

Guests: Dr. Sean Case, Fred Bourgeois, Richard Core, Wade Butcher, Mike Barrucco for Team FREDNET. Topics: Team FREDNET and the Google Lunar X Prize. Team FREDNET was our guest for this show, talking about its open source approach to designing its Google Lunar X Prize entry. Our guests talked about the Web 2.0 tools being used on their site for open source, including their forum, and how it was bringing people together in a collaborative effort for their lunar project. We also discussed the downstream commercial value for going to the Moon, especially after the contest ends.

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