Paul Blase

Paul Blase and TransOrbital have been at the forefront of companies planning commercial Moon missions. Mr. Blase and his associates founded TransOrbital in 1998, to in his own words, "develop the lowest-cost, commercially profitable lunar mission, leading to future commercial lunar exploration and development, and eventually colonization." TransOrbital was recently awarded NOAA licenses for its mission, has obtain the necessary export permits required under the law, and its TrailBlazer mission is scheduled for October 2003 on a Russia Dnepr launch vehicle.

Broadcast 86 (Special Edition)

Paul Blase, the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of TransOrbital, Inc., the company preparing to send private missions to the Moon. This program discusses the TransOrbital TrailBlazer mission with Mr. Blase, along with the full range of commercial lunar missions being planned by TransOrbital. We talk about the mock-up payload process, and about both his and the TransOrbital relationship with The Mex-LunarHab (MLH) Project and the Mex-AreoHab (MAH) and MLH projects. Since this interview is the first for Mr.

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