Patrick Stiennon

Patrick Stiennon is an experienced aerospace engineer and patent attorney at Stiennon & Stiennon in Madison, Wisconsin. He is also a Senior Member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He has worked for Lockheed Missile and Space Corporation and is a member of both the California and the Wisconsin bar.

Broadcast 478 (Special Edition)

"The Rocket Company" authors, Patrick Stiennon and David Hoerr, returned to The Space Show to engage in a panel discussing with additional returning guests, Dr. John Jurist and Monte Davis. The panel discussed numerous aspects of what is required to develop and build a rocket launching company using "The Rocket Company" book as the discussion basis. The panel discussed rocket engineering, business planning, single stage to orbit mass and economics, the existing launch industry along with the established launch industry. We discussed financing, markets, and much more.

Broadcast 375 (Special Edition)

David Hoerr and Patrick Stiennon, co-authors of "The Rocket Company," were the guests for this Space Show program. We talked extensively about their book which is an illustrated fictionalized account of the challenges faced by a group of seven investors and their engineering team in developing a low-cost, reusable, Earth to orbit launch vehicle. The books discusses the marketing, regulatory, and technical problems involved in carrying out the rocket business. We soon went from the fictionalized world of the book to questions reality based questions about the launch and rocket industry.

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