Ms. Elaine Walker

Broadcast 280 (Special Edition)

Elaine Walker returned to The Space Show to discuss many important subjects ranging from Devon Island, the Moon Habitat with the Mexican Space Society, space advocacy, the new space policy vision and its impact on space development and advocacy. Elaine did a superb job in thoroughly discussing the Mars Analog site at Devon Island and the importance of the research going on at this Artic Circle location and the Haughton Crater.

Broadcast 113 (Special Edition)

Elaine Walker, well known space advocate and activist as well as accomplished musician and singer is the guest on this edition of The Space Show. Ms. Walker discusses space advocacy and her unique journey into this world and her use of music to promote space development. We also highlight several of Elaine's musical compositions and scores, discuss her Chaos Melody Theory, and the need for space development and education. In addition, Ms.

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